Your living room is one of the few places with high traffic in the home. As such, you need to make it as welcoming and comfortable s possible. A good coat of paint can help you turn a dull living room into a bright, welcoming one. There are so many paint ideas to choose from depending on your style and personal preference. You can go for bold colors or light colors, the choice is entirely yours.

Paint ideas you can try out

Below, we will have a look at a few paint ideas that you may try in your next living room paint project.

Small living room

In case yours is a small living room then you might have to consider lighter colors as opposed to bold ones if you wish to create an illusion of having a bigger room than what you actually have. Before selecting color, it is important to take a look at your decorations and furniture so that the color you chose complements them.

If you wish to add a feel of energy into your small living room then you should go for colors such as beige, yellow-green and grey. If you wish to have an airy living room that is calming to the soul then you need to go for pale shades of lavender, green, blue or brown. If bold colors are your thing then you don’t have to fret that you have a small space to work with. Instead, it is a good idea to go for bolder shades that are very dark or bright. You can go for colors such as orange, brown, red, yellow or reddish purple to make your living room really pop! Be sure to contrast the bold color shades however if you don’t want to overwhelm your living space. Try painting different colors that beautifully contrast on different walls.

To further create the illusion of space, you can even add reflective objects such as mirrors, glass or metal wall art. While adding these objects however, remember not to overdo it otherwise you will end up overwhelming your living space.

Large living rooms

For large living rooms, you can go with bold or bright colors, the choice is entirely yours. Ideally, you should go for neutral shades or accent the walls with bright and bold colors.

In case you prefer using pale colors, try to incorporate even brighter colors as well in order to create an opposite effect. As far as decorations go, you can go with big flowers, or big pieces of art to get a good flow to the space.


Painting can be a great way to showcase your style and preferences. It can also be a great way to give off an illusion of something for example turning a small living room into a ‘big’ one. Be careful however in the colors that you choose and pay close attention to the furniture and decoration in the room. Afterall, you don’t want to make a big mess of things!

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Whether or not having a swimming pool does add to the value of a property is a debatable topic. Some people insist that it does while others claim that it really doesn’t make any major difference. A number of variables play in the pool either adding to the property value or taking away from it. The property’s location plays an important role in enhancing the property value. In most cases, a pool in a property that is on the sunny side tends to add more value to the property as opposed to one that is in cool climatic-areas.

propertyProperties with no pool that are next to other properties with swimming pools tend to lose their value simply because there is no pool present. Properties in warm-climatic areas tend to have great property value in case a pool is present. This is because people in such areas tend to love cooling off from the warm climatic conditions they face on a daily basis.

That being said, before you embark on adding a pool to your property (if you don’t already have one) you need to look into a number of factors. You need to find the right pool for your property, research on property value and find out whether or not the addition of pool with add to or reduce your property value.

Take a look at other houses in the neighborhood and determine whether or not having the swimming pool will add to or take away from the value of your property. You need to be keen of the real estate where your property lies. This is because you don’t want to end up with a swimming pool in your property and not be able to recoup the money you spent on it when the time comes to sell. A Good pointer is that when you are in a neighborhood where there are little or no swimming pools then it may not serve your purpose to include a swimming pool on your property.

In case your property is in a well-to-do neighborhood then you stand to gain from increased property value since a number of wealthy people seek every imaginable comfort in the homes they wish to purchase.

Building a new pool does cost a lot of money and can be very frustrating if what you envisioned of your pool is not exactly what you end up with. You need to find out the cost of building the pool, take a look at the different heater systems and decide on the most ideal design, size and heater system for your pool. You have to take care to add final touches such as lighting and landscaping to the pool if you wish to further enhance the look of the property thus possibly enhancing its value.

In short, much as a swimming pool may add to your property value in some cases, there are instances where having the pool will add little or no value to the home. In fact, there are areas that look at having a pool as a liability.

It is really tough to sell the house in a slow market situation. It is quite difficult, and you have to look from various angles when you take this decision. If you are just going to post your advertisement and keep waiting, then there is no chance to sell in a successful manner. You have to consider and look at various things when planning to sell the home. In the present widespread economy, it is essential to target the right buyers for selling your property. You cannot hand over your property to any person who they would fail to repay or cheat you. It is a complete complex game where you have to remain confident and move things with a positive attitude. Let us discuss some essential tips that will help in selling the home.

Know your market: It is one of the important things you have to perform before planning to sell your house. First, you have to know the value of your property, what is the present market condition, what is the expectation of the buyers and does your property have good value and market. Some property will get sold within a week when the homeowner announces it, and some do not even get sold even after several months. So, you have to move step by step by analyzing the market condition and balancing the potential customers.

Fix the price right: When you plan to sell the home, you may get confused due to slowdown of home sales and increase in the interest price. You may even wonder whether the customer will afford your mentioned price to purchase the home. It is necessary to remain strong from the start till the end. If you have fixed a particular sum as the price of your home, then ensure to remain the same. Most possibly, you can do some negotiation, but it has to be within your preplanned budget. As a home owner, you need to fix the price according to the real estate situation, features in your home and things that make your home worth to buy.

Present your home in attractive manner: The home has to be presented to the owner in a beautiful and elegant manner. They have to get the best impression at the first sight. They should relate and fix their mind according to their needs when they see your home. It is essential to make it possible by presenting the home in the best manner. You have to clean and remove all the clutters present around your home. Add fresh painting for both the exteriors and interiors of the home. Clean the garden and plant beautiful samplings to impress the guest. If possible, trim the trees, freshen the landscape, discard the clutter and ensure to remove personal things from the home. The interiors, color scheme and set up should look good and attractive. When the guests come, they would first imagine themselves living in the home and think whether it is necessary or not.

Be flexible: When the visitor calls and fixes a time ensure to keep you available in those particular timings. Do not show your inconvenience or discomfort when showing the home. They have to feel equally comfortable and happy to purchase your home.

This article was written by Martin, a Real Estate Agent in Mayfair. He has a lot of experience in the field of Real Estate and he loves to share his knowledge with those in need online.


This is the data that comprises the description of the population such as race, migration patterns, age, population and gender. This affects the real estate such that the increase in population leads increase in the number of people who can buy or sell land. Akbar Zareh, a successful real estate agent with Kingsway Real Estate states that income also affects the acquisition of real estate. People with increased income are able to own, buy and even sell houses. Migration patterns may have some effect on real estate. For instance, a place that has been recently been inhabited is likely to have a higher demand for houses and plots.

Economic factors

The trend of the economy in any country determines the amount of money that is readily available for citizens to buy land and houses. The indicators that dictate the state of the economy include: prices of goods, manufacturing activity and the employment data of the country. A sluggish economy generates a poor state of real estate. However, different economic factors can have varying impacts on the various types of real estate. For instance office tenants rent houses on long term leases. This does not change even if the state of the economy worsens. Houses for rent for hotel and restaurant rooms, however, are on short term leases hence can be avoided during seasons when the economy worsens. Financial institutions are also affected by the state of the economy on how they will lend money to people willing to buy land and plots. Politics can also affect the financing of the real estate through restrictions.


The geographical location determines the price of land and houses. For instance, plots that in urban areas are more expensive compared to those in rural areas. In urban areas, there are readily available social amenities such as electricity, medical services, schools and sewerage system. This makes people prefer plots in urban centers. Increase in demand for these plots and houses leads to the hiking of prices of these plots. The cost of building a house in urban areas also increases hence the higher prices of plots.

Interest rates

Generally, politics, the nature of the economy and financial institutions determine interest rates. Moreover, the global economy as well as foreign investment plays a great part in determining the expectations of the local economy. Banks are institutions that offer loans to the customers. People will prefer to get loans when the interest rates are lower. This affects the buying of land taking into account the increased number of people who will be available to purchase land when the interest rate are low. Banks also offer mortgages that are used in acquisition of houses at an affordable price. Mortgages also are affected by the rate of interest. Mortgages with lower interest rates are more preferable to people compared to those of higher interest rates.

renovationYou might have come across some regular TV shows about home renovation, and wondered, why not have mine done? Regardless of how these shows sugar-coat the process, having your home renovated can be one heck of a daunting task. You will definitely have things to worry about, from getting the right contractor, doubting whether they are reliable, supervising your project, costs versus budget; and the list is endless. To make your project easier and less stressful to manage; here are four tips that you might want to look at.

  1. Choose your contractor wisely
    The most crucial step in the process will most likely be how to find a reliable and competent person or firm who is up to the task. The best approach would be to conduct a research first, and not to approach the nearest or first person that comes your way with claims of professional renovation service, this and that. Online homeowner reviews can be a lot instrumental in determining a contractor’s experience and their reputation alike. You might also want to ask for a list of references and previous clients from your potential contractor and contact them for testimonies. It would also be crucial to ensure that they are certified, and registered to provide service.
  1. Have a written plan and agreement
    Upon finding your contractor of choice, get a written contract agreement and study the terms and details carefully before signing. Ensure to be left with a copy. Also, have a written home renovation plan that contains information about costs, payment schedules, work schedules and such details. Depending on the details in your agreement, ensure that information about insurance policy, workmanship guarantees and among others, the code of conduct is clear and concise in the document.
  1. Have the project regularly supervised
    It is also crucial to have your contractor keep you posted regularly concerning progress for the entire duration your renovation takes. You can however choose to personally supervise it in turns, say by conducting weekly check-ins. This way, you get to keep anxiety at bay and ease your mind. It will also go a long way in ensuring that potential issues are detected early and appropriate mitigation steps taken.
  1. Have a Back up; Contingency plan
    About the TV shows mentioned earlier, you might have come across some where a simple renovation turns out horrible, not anything close to the owner’s expectation. To prevent this from happening during your home renovation or have an option B in case of crisis, having a thorough contingency plan can be your way out. It can go a long way in preventing issues such as delays and inconveniences due to bad weather, permits or other issues that may cause pauses to the project progress. A contingency plan might also require a solid budgetary allocation along with it.

With these tips, a desiring homeowner can achieve their renovation dreams, without having to panic or get stressed over it. From sites such as, you can get more information about home renovations and contracting. Do not forget to do a good research before working with a particular contractor.


Having a swimming pool in your backyard can be loads of fan, especially when you want to relax and spend your day off in a swimming session, or you invite friends over for a pool party. Look and feel aside, one factor that can make your swimming pool experience even more enjoyable is if you have a heating system installed, to keep the water warm regardless of the weather. If you have a swimming pool in your home, then you probably have thought about going green at some point, especially if you have been keeping it warm using conventional pool heaters. Solar pool heaters can be a great option to consider due to a whole lot of reasons.

Why should you consider solar pool heaters?

The solar pool heater is eco-friendly in many ways as an option for maintaining favorable swimming pool temperature levels to make your pool more habitable a place, especially during the cooler seasons of the year. The do not produce emissions harmful to the atmosphere as compared to other options. There are also cost effective in their maintenance and purchase. In addition, these heaters are gaining popularity, especially in the eco-movement in America, as well as other regions world over.

Finding the right solar pool heater

Owing to the fact that solar heaters for pools are not the commonest of products that one would expect them to be, it wouldn’t involve much to find a good product. This said, it wouldn’t take you tool long comparing and contrasting details of what various providers have to offer. Doing a brief research online can land you right to the product you are looking for. When you're searching the internet to research and find the right pool heater, be sure to check review sites such as Pool Heater HQ. From such resources, you can get comparative details of products from some of the top solar pool heater manufacturers available and the choosing task will be a lot easier.

Things to consider, before buying a solar pool heater

Still, there are a number of considerations worth making when looking for the ideal system for your pool, just so you go shopping with an idea of what exactly you are looking for. Here are some questions worth asking yourself before proceeding to buy any of these eco-friendly heaters.

  • Will my property provide enough exposure to sun radiation? It is important to note that the chief source of power for your solar pool heater will be the sun rays. If the area is too obstructed from the sun, then the system might not work as effectively as it would, or would probably require some modifications to function optimally. Hiring a consultant for advice on the size, type and whether it will be effective can come in handy. They can also assist you find the best installer.
  • What is the ideal size of collector that I need? Climatic conditions differ for different geographical locations. For the colder areas, then a larger solar pool collector may be required. The size of your pool and its surface area will also determine the size of the system required. In most cases, an ideal collector might have to cover at least ¾ of the surface area of your pool.
  • Where will I place the solar pool collector for maximum effectiveness? The collector of your solar pool heating system should be positioned such that it gets maximum exposure to the sun radiation. Consider factors such as shading by building structures, trees and other objects, which can obstruct exposure and their positions, may change as the day goes. Therefore have a clear idea on the ideal position to place your system for optimum effectiveness, and see that it will fit.

How does the solar pool heating system operate?

The main principle behind the functioning of the solar pool heating systems is that they make use of eco-friendly sun energy to heat pool water. They are made up of various components, each with a specific function depending on the type and whether the heater is automated. Below are the four main components that keep the system running.

  • The pump. The cycle begins at the water pump, which pumps the water from the pool through the entire system and back to the pool in a continuous flowing mechanism.
  • The solar collector. As its name suggests, the collector collects the radiation energy from the sun rays and converts it to usable energy that heats the water as it passes through from the pump and tubing. It is composed of a system of tubes and reflectors that make up a solar panel.
  • The filter. This is an optional part of the system that helps clean water as it passes through.
  • The control valve. Speed of flow is controlled by the control valve as water passes through.

Automated systems may have other features such as the control unit and the heat sensors. You can input settings on the control unit according to temperature preference. The sensors detect temperatures of water in the pool and the collector, starting heating or stopping it, depending on the control unit settings. Solar pool heaters are eco-friendly and worth investing in, if the testimonies of most people who have tried the systems are anything to go by.

safe-homeOne of the most important investments in life is getting your own home. So it is important that you ensure that your home is always safe at all times. By doing so, you ensure that your property and family is safe at all times. With the right techniques and measures, you can implement home safety tips that will ensure you are always protected. Securing your home is very important. When you have a break in or any other security breach, it will probably end up costing you a lot on the repairs and maintenance. To avoid all these, you need to have the best security measures implanted for your home. It always better to be safe than sorry. You never know when a threat may actually occur, so it is important that you ensure your home is always secured.

The following are necessary tips that you should consider when it comes to keeping your home safe:

  1. In every home, you need to make sure that you have secured all your entry points, especially the windows and doors. When you are secure the home windows and doors, you are greatly reducing any chances of an unwanted entrance to the home. Also, as you are securing the doors and windows, make sure to include pet entrances and also garage doors. A burglar looks for any weak point in your entrance, so it is important that you implement the best kind of security measures. There are several home security firms that provide you with the security services and products that you need.
  2. If your home has sliding doors, make sure that you secure it. You can do this by placing a metal rod or installing bolts. This will reduce the chances of anyone trying to gain entry using the sliding doors.
  3. Another important security measure for your home is indoor lighting. You can have lamps and light appliances in the house set on a timer. When you have various indoor appliances set on a timer, you will be able to keep away potential burglars.
  4. Outdoor lighting is very important. As a home owner, you need to make sure that the surrounding of the entire house is well lit, especially at the night. One can rely on low power lighting or even solar lighting devices.
  5. One of the main mistakes homeowners do is to hide their house keys outside the house. One can leave the spare key with a trusted neighbor.

These are the few key tips that you can follow so as to make sure that your home is always safe at all times. When you have implemented various home security measures, you will be at peace knowing that your house is always safe.